Engineered Artworks

We are Designers, Fabricators, Engineers and Artists…

Engineered Artworks provides the knowledge and specialized experience required to implement any project from concept design through public unveiling. We work with arts commissions, private foundations, city agencies, developers, engineers, artists and architects on the realization of permanent and temporary public and civic art projects.

Engineered Artworks designs and builds one-of-a-kind installations while also supporting established and emerging artists with our fabrication and technical design services.

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Andrew Johnstone


A British artist now living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area, he is a muralist specializing in photo real trompe l’oeil ( deceive the eye), and has been a professional artist his entire life.

Andrew is a painter specializing in large scale works on canvas or wall murals and since 2005 has been the artist behind the design of the “Man Base”, the monumental centerpiece of Burning Man in Black Rock Desert Nevada.

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Becca Henry Photography

Photography from the heart

My loves include good community full of passionate souls, family, big belly laughs, exploring old warehouses, silliness, yoga, cartwheeling in large patches of grass, traveling, music that makes me dance, art in all forms, and succulents. I’ve been working as a professional photographer for over a decade. I love all kinds of photography – from editorial spreads to fashion to weddings. The common thread is my love for witnessing and telling people’s unique stories.

You are surrounded by all the people you love and that love you. Let the magic unfold. I pop in and out to the rhythm of the celebration documenting unscripted moments. I may add a little direction for the couples portraits but I mostly like to let the fun lead the way with real smiles and real moments.

I have the best job.

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Industrial Reuse Sculpture

Brian Enright is an interdisciplinary artist making mixed media art from found materials, metal, wood and historic artifacts. From confiscated weapons to motorcycle tires and downed trees from the Sonoma County fires, his art is inspired by our critical connection to the land, the broken mythology and relationship that we have with it now, and what he sees as a path to a better future.

Brian’s work is informed by a Bachelor of Science Degree in Cognitive Science and Cognitive Ethnography, and an initial career in UX/UI. Followed by years spent as a mountaineering guide in the backcountry of Alaska and fully off grid community living. Life in a town at the end of the road, (as a community member, guide and working artist) showed him the impact that engaging art has on bringing community and visitors together in dialogue; illuminating the interconnectedness of all our actions, and creating value for a community and its future generations.

Almost two decades of immersion and certification in the welding trade and instruction of others in welding and welded sculpture provide the technical basis for his work. A decade of deep work in his Buddhist practice and the study of mythological archetypes are where the spiritual and psychological foundation comes from.

His work lives in private residences, as well as museum, school district, and corporate collections across North America.

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Celeste Flores

Artist / Blacksmith

Welcome to my life as a blacksmith. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I became a blacksmith after receiving BFA at The Academy of Art. I was fascinated by the process of shaping metal using fire and hammers. After college I began working at a school of industrial arts called The Crucible. I still teach there. I worked along side the bronze master Jerry Coe and together two trips to Buenos Aires, Argentina where we had the opportunity to teach and work with new blacksmiths in South America.

I have served on the board for the California Blacksmith Association and the Executive Team at The Crucible. I have been featured in Make Magazine, SF Chronicle, La Nacional (Argnentina), The Anvil’s Ring and many others. I have worked for NBC Sports, Audi and Francis Ford Coppola’s Inglenook winery.

I keep very busy growing my business forging custom objects for customer’s homes, gardens, and businesses.

I love commissioned work. For me it’s a collaboration between myself and the owner. I love the boundaries of style, era, and space that are inevitable in a site specific project. I love matching my vision as an artist to the home and to the owner. It’s a very challenging and rewarding process that drives me to continue to learn and push the boundaries of my abilities.

I have the best job.

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Cjay Roughgarden

Art and architectural metal fabrication

Cjay Roughgarden is an artist and fabricator in Oakland, California

She works in steel, stainless, aluminum, copper and brass, and frequently incorporates elements of movement, fire and light.

She takes private commissions for architectural work, sculpture, fire sculpture, private and public and art.

She is a TIG welder and certified in dualshield and hardwire, MIG structural welding.

Making things that are functional and beautiful brings her joy.

She would love to hear about your project.

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Dave Keane

Artist / Carpenter

Originally from Cork, Ireland, Dave moved to San Francisco in 1999. That summer he attended his first Burning Man and the idea of The Folly was born. Dave spent the next 18 years honing his carpentry skills and volunteering as a lead carpenter on major projects at Black Rock City. In August 2019 he finally brought his vision to life raising The Folly village in the middle of the dead lake. After spending the pandemic working on various commissioned projects, Dave is ready to go back to the desert with his new large-scale installation – Paradisium.

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David Shulman


A founding member of the Five Ton Crane arts collective and Lost & Foundry Studios, David Shulman was the Chief Financial Officer of Obscura Digital Inc., a San Francisco-based experiential media company delivering ground-breaking immersive, interactive and innovative experiences to clients around the world. David’s experience includes management of multimillion-dollar projects from concept design through delivery.

Outside of finance, David is an accomplished artist and fabricator; his work has shown publicly in California, Nevada, Delaware, New York, Virginia, Dublin, Ireland and Calgary & Canada. As a manager of monumental and multifaceted creative projects, David specializes in overseeing a cohesive process that incorporates financial, logistical and environmental constraints within a detail-oriented artistic vision.

Department of Spontaneous Combustion

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The Dusty Rhino

Part mobile party, part fire-breathing rhino: the Dusty Rhino is an interactive art car and immersive experience that has been bringing people together through art, fire and electronic music for over thirteen years. Based out of the Bay Area, Dusty Rhino is not just a Burning Man project – it’s a community of DJs, builders, artists and more. We host regular gatherings and participate in events across San Francisco, including the annual Dusty Rhino Preburn and Afterburn parties, SF Decompression, It’s A New Day Block Party, Bohemia NYE and so much more. Dusty Rhino is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and we are currently exploring partnerships with rhino conservation organizations across the globe. Interested in joining the Dusty Rhino crew, or booking the art car for an event? Email

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Five Ton Crane

An Oakland Based Arts Collective

Five Ton Crane (5TC) is a diverse group of artists, builders, makers and inventors from the San Francisco Bay Area. The name implies the intention: 5TC does the heavy lifting that the individual artist couldn’t do on their own; by pooling resources, interests and talent to create opportunities for bigger, better and bolder Art. From giant projects like the Raygun Gothic Rocketship to group shows and private, client-based work… there is no job too big or too small that Five Ton Crane can’t lift to great heights.

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Haley Hoo

Designing, Engineering, Fabricating & Styling to Bring All Good Myths to Life

Wrangling mythozoic creations and engineering new ones for such entities as Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Buddy Builds, Digital TwigsWieden+KennedyBent Image LabNonchalanceScientific Art Studio & Maker Faire. I offer services ranging in a variety of mediums including, but not limited to:

  • Figurative Sculpting
  • Decorative Sculpting
  • Silicone mold making
  • Oil and water clay modeling
  • Specialty Costume construction
  • Air brushing
  • Weathering, Aging & Treatments
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Creative surface
  • Stop Motion Fabrication
  • HVLP painting
  • Casting of plastics, resins, wax, urethane, silicone and concrete

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Jay Kravitz


Oakland artist Jay Kravitz was integral in the founding of The Crucible, an industrial art school in the East Bay. While there, he created the Crucible’s design identity, honed his skills in fabrication and managed, produced and stage directed all of its epic fundraising events.

As an Event Producer, Jay has been instrumental in establishing many long-standing events including Maker Faire Bay Area and World Maker Faire New York.

Jay specializes in large-scale, site-specific art management, fabrication, curation, logistics and installation. He is a Producer, Project Manager and Installation Expert for Leo Villareal, Michael Christian, One Hat One Hand, One Foot Productions, Obscura Digital, Stanford University and the Exploratorium. Jay is one of the driving forces behind Five Ton Crane, an artist collective responsible for many large-scale art projects.

rsn8 Designs is his alter persona behind which he currently survives as a freelance Fabricator, Event Manager and Web/Graphic Designer.

Running the gamut of disciplines, Jay’s portfolio encompasses metal, glass, fire, ink, photography, found objects, web and graphic design, event management, music and performance – twisting sculpture into visual and tactile emblems of life.

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Jen Herchenroeder

Jen Herchenroeder is the team captain for Offbeat Robotics, the team who builds the BattleBots robot: HiJinx. BattleBots originated in Oakland over twenty years ago drawing machine-building talent from around the world. New episodes are currently showing on Discovery Channel, and various streaming services, featuring over fifty of the world’s elite heavyweight combat robots in a live competition. Check out more BattleBots at

Jen Herchenroeder is a Subscale Flight Test Engineer for Archer Aviation, building prototypes of new aircraft for experimental flight test. She is also an artist and brings those sensibilities to work on aircraft, robots, sculpture, and print.

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Jenny Mount

Art & Design, Fashion Designer, Metal Fabricator at our Metal Shop Department of Spontaneous Combustion

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Joyce Shulman

Product and Experience Strategist | Futurist

Joyce brings public art to life and is a director on the board at The Crucible, working to make the fine and industrial arts accessible to everyone.

Joyce’s breadth of experience includes the following:

  • Designing the future end-to-end healthcare consumer journey for 40 million members;
  • Reimagining patient-centered ambulatory care for 4.2 million members;
  • Designing in-person and virtual experiences using next-gen tech and platforms;
  • Leading rapid business model prototyping sessions within a Silicon Valley venture accelerator;
  • Creating large-scale public art collaborations.

Joyce led projects within an Innovation Consultancy while working as a senior digital strategy designer at Kaiser Permanente. This included exploring new technologies and determining the business case for new digital products and services at the intersection of care delivery.

At Anthem, Joyce works across Innovation, CTO, and currently resides in AI, focused on white space conceptual design for care delivery, digital-first services, and the consumer journey life-cycle.

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Nathan Houchin

Senior Technical Producer & Business Development

Nathan has over fifteen years of experience as a technical producer working with creative teams to produce large-scale, temporary & permanent digital art installations. As a member of the Obscura Digital team he worked on projects throughout the Bay Area and around the world at iconic locations including Art on theMART in Chicago, the Vatican, Sydney Opera House, the Guggenheim, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and AT&T Stadium.

Currently, Nathan leads Bay Area and West Coast business development efforts and technical production for Float4, a creative studio based in Montreal. When Nathan is not working out in the field or up on top of the Salesforce Tower with the Engineered Artworks team he is preparing for his next big project out of the comfort of Seaport Studios’s co-working office space.

Peter Kropf

Fire Technician

Peter Tjeerdsma

Lighting Designer

Old Amiga real-time video hacker, Video Toaster UI and effects director etc. etc. Nowadays I’m doing crazy LED light sculpture.

Sam Andreson

Artist & Fabricator

Sean Orlando

Founder/ Principle Artist / Managing Director of Seaport Studios

Recognized for his work as Lead Artist and Project Manager for several monumental installations in the Bay Area and beyond, Sean Orlando is co-founder of the Five Ton Crane Arts Group and Founder/ Principal Artist at Engineered Artworks.

Sean was awarded a prestigious Artist Fellowship at San Francisco’s de Young Museum, for which he examined the poetic and often overlooked qualities of the built environment.

As an artist, designer, fabricator Sean has collaborated with diverse organizations including the The Exploratorium, John Edmark, Ball- Nogues Studio, Rebar Art & Design, Narduli Studios, MoreLab, Port of San Francisco, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the deYoung Museum, The Crucible, and others. Sean is a founding board member at the Bently Foundation, a philanthropic organization with specific interest in the arts, and is Managing Director of Seaport Art Studios.

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Stephanie Shipman

Woodworker/Artist/Owner…And I Built it with my Vagina!!! & Shipman Designs

My love and interest in building all stems from the theatre world. I started acting and singing in musicals at the age of 14, and soon after started building the sets as well. This extracurricular hobby turned into a set design major in college, which led to an internship at Berkeley Repertory Theatre where I worked as a scenic carpenter for 10 years. The friendships I formed there, in some way or another, connected me with two big art crews, UC Berkeley, Burning Man, The Smithsonian and has allowed me to travel the world building and installing art.

One of my main loves is building large scale art installations in a group setting. Riffing off each other’s ideas, playing to people’s strengths, sharing skills and then getting to climb and play on your art is the best feeling in the world. When not doing that, I get immense joy from making custom furniture and art for my clients. There’s nothing quite like hearing what someone is looking for and then creating it for them.

Another love in the building world is teaching! I didn’t realize I liked teaching until I worked at UC Berkeley. It was there that it was brought to my attention that there was STILL a HUGE need for demystifying the code or club that surrounds woodworking. Especially for women. So in 2018, when I got my own shop and launched Shipman Designs, I also started “…And I Built it with My Vagina!!!”, my building workshops for women. I love seeing all the gears turning in people’s heads when they figure out they can make something themselves, and then they DO!!

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Tania Seabock

Architectural Gilder & Decorative Painter

Tania Seabock moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Washington DC in 1995 where she was able to blossom and find “her people”. Although Tania began painting, drawing, and sculpting at a very young age she studied Mathematics and Biology at American University in Washington DC thinking she was going to pursue a career in the sciences. It wasn’t until she discovered Burning Man in 1996 when she was inspired and began to explore various art mediums including mold making, casting & costume making.

In 2001 Tania moved back to Washington DC and gave birth to her identical twin boys. In Washington DC she was able to start a career as a Decorative Painter which eventually led to moving the family to France in order to study trompe l’oeil, faux wood & faux marble under a Master painter Michel Nadai at Nadai-Verdon School.

Although Tania doesn’t make her living as an artist anymore, she is still involved in various projects painting for Burning man projects and she also enjoys studying portrait painting when she can. She was recently selected to be one of the featured artists in the Sotheby’s – Burning Man auction in 2021 called “Boundless Space… The Possibilities of Burning Man”. In the past she had many prestigious commissions, to name a few: private mansion of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Presidential palace in Abu Dhabi, Trump Tower in New York City, US Treasury Building restoration of Western Dome, The Eisenhower Executive Office Building, formerly the Old Executive Office Building in Washington DC, Al Wajba Palace, residence of the Emir of HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa which is located Doha Qatar.

She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her dogs and even though her children are now young adults she remains a dedicated mother to them. She loves to spend time with her boyfriend Sean who is also an artist, and they are both heavily involved in the Burning man art community & other artistic ventures.

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Thom Puhek


Weeb Galloping